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What inspires me to write?

Music? Wind? Visual art? Or my life experiences?

Maybe an awesome story that brings me to another world, where I play a significant role. One that gives me just the right amount of details to draw me in, but leaving enough room for me to add my own.

Basically, any and everything inspires me to get my creative juices flowing. Its just continuing that flow that poses a challenge.

In my short 28 years of life, so much has happened, that I have personally experienced or have experiences around. I could craft a story around any of them, building a world full of adventure.

Well sheesh, Tiera, with a life like that, how can your river of inspiration ever stop flowing?

Interesting, right? Well I believe that answer is simple. It’s the number one reason that river stops flowing for everyone: fear. Ahh, fear.



Lack of confidence.

The overwhelming belief that I am going to fail.

Seems simple, and yet, so powerful.

The key to writing is to just write. Don’t focus on the opinions of others and definitely do not doubt yourself or your abilities. These ideas choose us. We must harbor and develop them—that is our purpose as writers. There is no failing.

Unless you choose not to answer the call.

Write because you love to write and it satisfies you. Be true to you as a writer, and future author, if that is your goal. Just get out of your own way!

But Tiera, I know all of this already. How do I do this? How do I let go and just write?

It’s simple, really: DO IT.

For me to publish my first book, Awakening: Bloodline Book One, all it took was for my brother to tell me to just do it. It went something like this:

Me: I don’t like [my current job]! All I want to do is write!
Him (playing games, only half-listening): So, why don’t you?

And with those four words, it was like I found the holy grail. Motivation surged through me. I secretly started a publishing company, Eula Rae Printing & Publishing, and set to work finishing Awakening prior to self-publishing my first novel. But before all the glitz and glam, how do we get there? How do we get our story?

The date is November 29th, at 7:36pm ET. I’ve been sitting on my rump for the past 47 minutes, eyes getting blurry as I continue to stare at the blank page, willing for a magnificent idea to present itself to me.

That’s the first problem (or second, if you consider the fact that my bottom is getting numb and I’m uncomfortable 😀 ). The problem is that I’m trying to force an idea to appear, instead of going after one (new or old). Creativity is me, is US.

Another setback is my environment and head space. I’m in my cramped bedroom, focusing on the mess before me, also using those 47 minutes to think about the one million other things I could be doing, while consecutively flipping back and forth between my email accounts and social media pages every 5 minutes.

How distracting.

I guess at this point, I can go somewhere more relaxing, clean my room, or do one of the million other things that I was thinking about. If I truly want to write, the first option seems like an obvious choice, but who wants to relocate when they’ve comfortably already set-up shop?

So Tiera, if you didn’t move or do something else, then how did you come up with an idea?

Funny you should ask.

As I was sitting there distracting myself, trying to force an idea to come to me, a quote fluttered across my mind that I’d read in an article. Immediately after that, quotes came to mind. After all, there are hundreds of awesome quotes in the world and those, in themselves, can be inspiring.

There are quotes that remind me of what I love about writing, while others remind me that it’s okay to have “writer’s block”. Some motivate me to push past my fear and others are just plain funny! I flipped through the quotes in my mental Rolodex, but I wanted more…I wanted to share. Share what these quotes meant to me, share the feelings they evoked.

Ah! An idea!

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always wanted to help others. I pursued careers that did just that, but was still felt unfulfilled. It wasn’t until 2014 it hit me that my passion for writing, the art I enjoyed most, was what I was born to do. And so, in reading these quotes, some new, and some old, I thought of sharing them with other writers, like you!

With these quotes, I hope that you will be inspired just as I was. At the very least, you’ll add a cool quote to your repertoire. Each quote elicits a different response from me. Whether it’s to build off the emotions I am feeling, or to create a story around it, the quotes achieved the same goal in the end: writing.

I invite you to check out the different quote categories under Inspiration and let me know which one speaks to you!


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